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Godot-Cause he's worth it by Areku23
Godot-Cause he's worth it
So I was going to the place where I scan the next day (I don't own my own large scanner) and I was listening to Fragrance of Dark Coffee(Jazz Soul) for literally the BILLIONTH time and I frantically wanted to have some Godot ready to scan.

Honestly this was mostly for Godot, Mia was put in to balance it out.
Adventurers Never Cry by Areku23
Adventurers Never Cry
So anyone remember when I made Adventure Time Humanity?

That's cool, neither do I. It was a fan series I made two years ago about a soul searching quest of an older Finn. And while back I did this to tickle the idea of possibly doing a sequel. The original Humanity was drawn pretty badly but I think I could do much better this time around.

But I have no immediate plans to do a sequel series. Just wanted to toy once more with a darker Finn. So I used Devil May Cry as inspiration.

Below is the first chapter if you're interested(remember I this was two years ago, a completely different time so be gentle) as well as a link to my Adventure Time section if you'd like to see other Adventure TIme things I've drawn.

<da:thumb id="339680378">
<da:thumb id="339680378">…


Mr. 23
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Dear internet, 

For those of you who have noticed I have been on the down low for the past few days. This is because after nearly four years of undying service, my mac has temporarily died. 

It started with sluggish action and occasionally freezing, it wasn't until about two weeks ago where out of nowhere a black layer would slide across my screen(after my functions have frozen of course) and upon reaching the bottom would inform me to hold down the power button and restart. This continued and escalated until I could do nothing with my trust extension of my body.

Thankfully early on, I had taken it to the Apple store where it was recommended that I purchase an external hard drive and back my thing up. So when things became intolerable, I yesterday took my trusty companion to the Apple store so that I could leave it there for a few days while a full diagnostic and hopefully a repair could take place.

So I am left during my final week of retaking that damned to hell portfolio class crippled and left with no ulterior means of satisfying myself. I had a number of personal projects I wished to work on but alas I must put them to the way side while this final week which is dumb ends.


Mr. 23

P.S Worry not to those whom I had promised requests to I have not forgotten you, I am just F***ed sideways with nothing to do.

P.S.S On the bright side, I've caught up on a lot of movies I've been meaning to watch. Like Robocop Classic, and The rest of Star Trek TNG. 


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Stay gold.
flandrescarlet500 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
have you ever seen hellsing ultimate?
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I own all the hellsing media.
flandrescarlet500 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
im on episode 7 so far and when zorin did her crazy mind tricks oh my god!
dont spoil it for me though.
i will see for myself soon enough.
im loving it though!
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Almost to the end, the final stretch you are.
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hey i know it's sound silly, but thanks for leave me a comment in my draw of Jolyne,
i really appreciate it
(and sorry for my terrible english)
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Oh no, you're quite welcome.
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Hi there. I'm DaVonteWagner. Nice to meet ya.
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Hi ya~
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